comm-qbt-logoQueens Botanical Garden gets innovative help from Urban Explorations

Urban Explorations, a community conscious Long Island City based landscape-design company, has teamed up with the Queens Botanical Garden in an innovative program that contributes to local beautification and keeps our employees working during their off season.

CommunityGarden1Entrepreneur, Patricia Olmstead, owner of Urban Explorations and Susan Lacerte, Executive Director of Queens Botanical Garden, created this perfect public-private partnership. Patricia is donating the time of her experienced employees to provide much-needed manpower for special projects at the Botanical Garden. This comes at a period when Garden budgets have been limited and cut.

Pat sums it up. “We have to help each other.” It is that simple.

comm-1-vertDuring the down winter months, Pat’s employees report to Karl McKoy, Head Gardener, at the Botanical Garden to do projects. Pat’s company continues to pay them. While they are working for Karl, her employees are gaining valuable experience and horticultural skills. Managers from Urban Explorations continue to supervise as well.

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