Urban Explorations creates both natural and formal landscapes, from a riot of color to a quiet oasis.

We are a full service landscaping company; providing consultations on a large range of garden designs to suit residential and corporate needs. Timely installations are our forte and maintenance programs will keep your garden healthy all year round.



Urban Explorations helps clients to define their vision so we can create just the environment that they will love and enjoy for years to come. Founder and creative director, Patricia Olmstead envisions, with each client, an atmosphere that is unique to his or her aesthetic and specifications. She has the rare ability to bring lifestyle concerns to the “living-green & beautiful” realm. For a long-lasting and trusted relationship of value, call 718.726.2824.

Design, Installation and Maintenance

Urban Explorations has been successfully creating beautifully designed exterior and interior gardens since 1992. A palette of plants, planters, rock and water features are key to perfecting your individualized garden setting. And, artistic installations will greatly enhance the visual appeal and value of your residence or commercial space.

Urban Explorations’ crew provides well-timed installations on rooftops, interior or in-ground gardens. The soil is properly prepared and plants installed with correct horticultural techniques that insure survival. In demanding situations, we develop custom soil mixes for unique location requirements.

We extend the life and beauty of your garden plantings through our landscape maintenance program in which we routinely prune, fertilize, deadhead annuals, weed and check moisture levels.

Outdoor Gardens

We at Urban Explorations select hardy and beautiful plants for each environment. We have the expertise to balance garden nutrition and watering schedules so that your garden remains healthy and beautiful throughout the seasons.

Rooftop Designs

outdoors-VertHoriz-Combo-RightOur company recommends the right plant selection for your rooftop environments. We provide planters, irrigation and lighting for beauty and easy maintenance.

Rock and Water Features

The sound of water falling creates a respite from the outside world. Rock gardens can bring a natural, rugged beauty to any environment, especially those with steep hillsides or other difficult growing conditions.

Irrigation and Lighting

Crucial for a healthy garden, irrigation efficiently maintains the correct level of moisture as it frees up building staff for other tasks. Lighting in walkways and plantings adds safety, security and curb appeal when designed to highlight specimen plants.

Street Tree Permits and Plantings

Make your streets more livable, breathable and beautiful. Trees cool the environment and add beauty. Urban Explorations will secure the permits (which can be tedious). We select the appropriate trees for your building location and plant them for long-lasting splendor. We are NYC certified to prune and care for your trees.

Tree guards are fences around the perimeter of a tree pit. They provide a physical barrier that reduces soil compaction, shields the trunk from physical damage, and reduces pet waste harm. Tree guards have been proven to extend the longevity of trees and can provide a safe space for small protected planting beds.

Lobby Arrangements

Live, silk, or dried lobby arrangements beautify your space on a monthly or seasonal calendar. Themed lobby and inside displays enhance your transition from the street into a warm and pleasant interior.

Holidays and Special Events

services-oneSeasonal plantings such as tulips launch spring. And mums with pumpkins, evergreen mulches, ornamental kale with cyclamen and colorful branches in cold weather will give your garden variety and added interest. Holiday items like wreaths, Christmas trees, and specially designed themed displays create a festive atmosphere once the outdoor gardens rest for the winter.

We prepare your home, rooftop or office for parties using containerized plants, props and flower arrangements.

Artificial Turf

services-twoArtificial Turf is more natural looking and feeling than you might suspect. And there isn’t a lot of maintenance—no mowing or watering required— and most artificial lawns last 15 to 20 years. See our Sustainability Page.